About me

"Don't study, it makes you stupid."

In a small town on the outskirts of Tokyo, this was one of few things that I used to hear in my parents' ultra-open liberal household, which came from my father, who himself strongly believed that knowledge and wisdom would save the world.

Without fully understanding why people spend so much time on learning for school, I decided to go to Germany at the age of 15.

Germany is a beautiful country, although my daily life started to become tasteless to me over the years. So in August 2011, I went to Lyon (France) for an exchange year, for which I moved out by bicycle. With all the stuff I needed it took 6 days and a lot of energy.

And from September 2012 to July 2013, I cycled from France to Japan, discovering a lot of things over Europe/Middle East/Asia. You can learn a bit more on this website.

After this gap year, I did my Ph.D in theoretical physics at INSA de Lyon in France, which finished recently, leading me to a whole new life here in Düsseldorf, with a lot of hope and expectations :)

Spirit of hiking

I started organizing hikes in February 2017 when I arrived in Düsseldorf. My original idea was quite simple: I would anyway go hiking. So why not going there with other people who might be interested as well? So, I am actually not "organizing" hikes. I'm just going my way. In this sense, there's no reason for anyone to be thankful for what I do.

But I guess this is the reason why there are quite some people coming with me. In particular, it's been successful, because we don't know what we are actually expecting on the way, since I am the one who has no idea where we are going.

And from here a couple of things that might be important to know:

About this site

This site was dedicated to my bicycle trip from Lyon (France) to Japan in 2012-2013. Now it's mainly used for hiking events and blog posts about these events.

Photos videos etc. taken from other sources are not directly remarked in text but by clicking on them you can access the original pages.

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I try to put the same content for each language, but the most updated is English.

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