Translation Day! (T-Day)

Here in Europe it is usually very easy to find a language partner. However, with your language level not sufficiently high, you will probably not be able to chat with your partner (at least in the languages you wish to learn), so this is just a collection of random phrases that I found somewhere in the Internet or took from books in order for you to have something to translate. You can find more challenging phrases from this page.

Here's how it works: We select 10 phrases from the list below each week. Every person translates each of them int the languages they are learning. In my case, for example, I try to translate them into Russian, and a Russian native speaker (hopefully present) corrects me. Easy, isn't it?

During the corona pandemic, we do it online at, which allows us to create break-out rooms, so that each language gets its own room, although the participants can also move around. There's also a shared Excel sheet which is essentially used as a white board. If you are interested, let me know! I can share the link to the room and the Excel sheet.

The list below covers the 1,000 most common words in English found on If you can say all the phrases below, it's very likely that you can express yourself properly in most of the situations.


1. Please write it down.

2. We like it very much.

3. Anything else?

4. What can I do for you?

5. It's north of here.

6. This is a present for you.

7. Where is my mobile?

8. Are you going to help her?

9. What do you want to do?

10. That's a good idea.

11. I'll pay for the tickets.

12. What time will you arrive?

13. How do you know?

14. Do you have any money?

15. Of course.

16. Does he like the school?

17. Sorry to bother you.

18. See you tonight.

19. He's very famous.

20. I like it.

21. Where's my fork?

22. Autumn is my favourite season.

23. Did you receive my email?

24. I'm 25 years old.

25. Thank you.

26. Can you fix this?

27. Please speak English.

28. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

29. Maybe.

30. That's an interesting choice.

31. What's the room rate?

32. Actually, the others stayed there.

33. She doesn't seem to care.

34. Just a little.

35. We're late.

36. Do you know her?

37. I prefer fish.

38. Can you imagine that?

39. I would rather stay home.

40. I guess so.

41. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the near future.

42. I'm cold.

43. My throat is sore.

44. Help!

45. It's there.

46. Follow me.

47. I usually drink coffee at breakfast.

48. I cut my finger.

49. Choose between white and black.

50. How long is the flight?

51. The train goes through a long tunnel.

52. Did you come with your family?

53. The blood pressure is falling quickly.

54. I have to go to the post office.

55. I don't have any money.

56. I see a turnip in the garden.

57. How long are you going to stay in California?

58. Their child is still a baby.

59. Who sent this letter?

60. We're standing in line since yesterday.

61. Is there anything cheaper?

62. It's not supposed to rain today.

63. What's the temperature?

64. We could have done it earlier.

65. None of the soldiers returned.

66. I speak two languages.

67. I didn't realize you felt that way.

68. She passed all the tests.

69. Where are you?

70. It's near the supermarket.

71. At least one hundred, maybe more than a thousand.

72. What was the reason?

73. We walked into the field.

74. I speak a little English.

75. You must pay attention.

76. There are many high buildings in Tokyo.

77. The ball is in your court.

78. Fill it up, please. (gas station)

79. At what time?

80. In theory, things will be fine.

81. There's a restaurant near here.

82. When are they coming? Tomorrow.

83. Whose book is that?

84. Are they the same?

85. That's not fair.

86. I'm going to leave.

87. I don't eat processed meat.

88. Do you want me to come and pick you up?

89. I'd like a single room.

90. That's my concern, not yours.

91. He grew up in a poor community.

92. I must go.

93. Perhaps I'll wait for a better offer.

94. No previous experience required.

95. Please don't involve the director.

96. Six of them stayed in the class, including me.

97. In fact, it's just a political game.

98. Where does he come from? From Beijing.

99. I'm self-employed.

100. You're beautiful.

101. My stomach hurts.

102. The development went according to the plan.

103. There are some apples in the refrigerator.

104. I wonder whether she will join.

105. I need to change clothes.

106. It's not allowed here.

107. He's full of energy and excitement.

108. Please identify yourself.

109. I woke up at 7 o'clock in the morning.

110. They look nearly identical.

111. This is official data.

112. Let me explain this to you again.

113. She is not available tonight.

114. The book is on top of the table.

115. Who was your teacher?

116. Go straight ahead.

117. He gave an interview.

118. The president served 10 years.

119. There is no regular train service.

120. This is the biggest country in the world.

121. Please take me to this address.

122. He fell asleep.

123. It makes sense.

124. What do you do on Sundays?

125. My father washed the dishes.

126. I invited him.

127. Whatever happens, I'll be there.

128. They are dancing.

129. He did it on purpose.

130. He has curly hair.

131. I was probably too tough on her.

132. Probably, the system was hacked.

133. Let's go have a look.

134. What's your nationality? I'm Canadian.

135. I have a headache.

136. Can I make an appointment for next Wednesday?

137. The level of CO2 is growing.

138. What's the exchange rate for dollars?

139. How does it taste?

140. What's your email address?

141. That's wrong.

142. Can I have the bill please?

143. I ate already.

144. I don't know.

145. I need some tissues.

146. It's less than 5 dollars.

147. How much money do you make?

148. You might like it.

149. She is leaning against the wall.

150. Your passport please.

151. How old is he?

152. Never mind.

153. The couple entered the church.

154. Which one is cheaper?

155. It's raining.

156. It's very windy.

157. We prepared it for them.

158. That's anyway a small amount of money.

159. We signed up for this event.

160. I hope you will have a nice trip.

161. The public needs more information.

162. Can you call me back later?

163. Where are you from?

164. It never occurred to me.

165. You can find knives in the drawer.

166. The big one or the small one?

167. Have a good trip.

168. Did your wife like California?

169. Our team is leading.

170. I get off of work at 6.

171. My father is a lawyer.

172. They're waiting for us.

173. Why did you say that?

174. What do your parents do for work?

175. You should keep a written record.

176. How long will you be staying?

177. I can't hear you.

178. I'd like to send a fax.

179. This country is rich in natural resources.

180. He'll only shoot himself in the foot.

181. Is there an English speaking guide?

182. That person got a great opportunity.

183. When do we leave?

184. I need exactly eight bananas.

185. This region has a large population.

186. I don't want to fly.

187. Which school does he go to?

188. There is much space between the trees.

189. Who's calling?

190. Am I pronouncing it correctly?

191. Who won?

192. There are some books on the table.

193. I'm good, and you?

194. He's likely to snore.

195. When are you going to pick up your friend?

196. You must remember every detail.

197. Young people need better education.

198. On the second floor.

199. I want to become a teacher.

200. What do you have?

201. It's more than 5 dollars.

202. It's a 3d image of a human face.

203. Male or female?

204. How old are you?

205. Are you working today?

206. It cost almost one million Euros.

207. This film is from the nineteenth century.

208. What's up?

209. We're heading south.

210. My grandmother had a hard life.

211. How many people are there in New York?

212. That means friend.

213. How do I get to Daniel Street?

214. Which one is better?

215. Please remove this picture.

216. I'm ready.

217. I don't like it, because it's ugly.

218. I'm listening to the news.

219. I liked the third performance.

220. This doesn't work.

221. What's the address?

222. A general election is approaching.

223. That's common knowledge.

224. They went for a drive in the west.

225. There has been a car accident.

226. I'm just joking.

227. It hurts here.

228. I lost control of my car.

229. I'm a college student.

230. When are you moving? Next month.

231. There's no evidence of a break-in.

232. Where is the bathroom?

233. Do you smoke?

234. Who are you?

235. Did you have a good time in Berlin?

236. My birthday is August 27.

237. I love you.

238. I'm here on business.

239. I don't speak English very well.

240. Find us on social media.

241. Have you finished studying?

242. I want to ask you a question.

243. Finally it's spring.

244. It's sold for a special price.

245. Give me the pen.

246. Do you accept U.S. Dollars?

247. He thinks we don't want to go.

248. I'm going home in four days.

249. The animal is dead.

250. Do you hear that?

251. It was not easy to discuss this issue.

252. The writer didn't mention it in his book.

253. The color must be either green or blue.

254. Leave me in peace.

255. Where is Main Street?

256. Where does your wife work?

257. Is there air conditioning in the room?

258. He's sitting in his chair.

259. Such an option doesn't exist.

260. I admit it was beyond my imagination.

261. He suggested a new candidate.

262. Do you like the book?

263. Where is the bus station?

264. My watch has been stolen.

265. Recently, they got financial trouble.

266. I want to send this package to the United States.

267. Fiber-rich diets will help with weight loss.

268. Your daughter is here.

269. I'd like to exchange this for Dollars.

270. I'll take you to the bus stop.

271. I think so.

272. How far is it to Chicago?

273. I'm going to bed.

274. How do you spell it?

275. Seek help from the police.

276. How long does it take to get to Georgia?

277. I'll pay.

278. I was about to leave the restaurant when my friends arrived.

279. More than that.

280. When will it be ready?

281. I have a terrible sense of direction.

282. Can you translate this for me?

283. Where's the pharmacy?

284. I visited her several times.

285. Do you know where I can get a taxi?

286. Do you think you'll be back by 11:30?

287. We have two boys and one girl.

288. She was tested positive.

289. I like to watch television.

290. Is your house like this one?

291. Excuse me, what did you say?

292. It's half past 11.

293. Where do you want to go?

294. This trade deal has a certain risk.

295. I like this song.

296. Are you coming this evening?

297. How much money do you have?

298. Take me downtown.

299. How do I get to the American Embassy?

300. The drug had a huge effect on him.

301. What will the weather be like tomorrow?

302. He'll be back in 20 minutes.

303. Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

304. I need this to get there by tomorrow.

305. What are you going to have?

306. I'm reading a newspaper.

307. I'm in a meeting.

308. Everybody has to make efforts.

309. There's a restaurant over there, but I don't think it's very good.

310. Scientists established a new method.

311. It'll be cold this evening.

312. Start the car.

313. The owner took responsibility for everything.

314. Can I use your phone?

315. It's time to develop a new strategy.

316. I don't like it.

317. I'll be right back.

318. These books are ours.

319. There's a book under the table.

320. Will you pass me the salt please?

321. Did you enjoy your holiday?

322. The car is fixed.

323. Are there any concerts?

324. It's longer than 2 miles.

325. You need to improve your memory.

326. I'm just looking. (Shopping)

327. I've never done that.

328. I'd like to use the internet

329. She has the ability to reads minds.

330. Do you like it here?

331. Can we sit over there?

332. Here's your order.

333. When will he be back?

334. I don't think so.

335. At what time did it happen?

336. I'll rent a flat.

337. Please take off your shoes.

338. Where's the nearest hospital?

339. He's very annoying.

340. About 300 kilometers.

341. He studies at Boston University.

342. Forget it.

343. Can you repeat that please?

344. Turn right.

345. Her voice didn't return until yesterday.

346. Do you like your boss?

347. I don't understand.

348. I need to go home.

349. She's receiving natural treatments.

350. Raise your hand.

351. I have three children, two girls and one boy.

352. Here's my number.

353. I've never seen that before.

354. Behind the bank.

355. I thought he said something else.

356. At 3 o'clock.

357. It costs 20 dollars per hour.

358. What would you like to drink?

359. Hi, is Ms. Smith there, please?

360. Is there a nightclub in town?

361. If you need my help, please let me know.

362. She won't force me to do that.

363. Is that okay?

364. What are you thinking about?

365. That's too many.

366. One like that.

367. How do I use this?

368. I'll have the same thing.

369. They'll be right back.

370. What did you do yesterday?

371. Keep the change.

372. This rule is unfair.

373. Can you do me a favor?

374. That's alright.

375. It poses a fire risk.

376. That smells bad.

377. Can you recommend a good restaurant?

378. That's too much.

379. Is anyone else coming?

380. The book is in front of the table.

381. Did you have a good weekend?

382. I'm not sure.

383. Would you like to watch TV?

384. He likes it very much.

385. The group remained inside.

386. Please speak slower.

387. I went there by subway yesterday.

388. Right there.

389. We need one more spoon.

390. I'm single.

391. What do you think of these shoes?

392. My birthday party is tonight.

393. You're very smart.

394. His family is coming tomorrow.

395. I run only during winter.

396. It depends on the weather.

397. This room is a mess.

398. My father has been there.

399. What time is check out?

400. I'm leaving tomorrow.

401. The plane departs at 5:30pr.

402. I'll give you a call.

403. Are your children with you?

404. My cell phone doesn't work.

405. Do you like your co-workers?

406. Where did you learn English?

407. What time did you wake up?

408. I wish I had one.

409. We're from California.

410. I'm American.

411. Can you give me an example?

412. Feel free to drop by.

413. He doesn't look like a nurse.

414. Really?

415. I only want a snack.

416. Can you throw that away for me?

417. I lost my watch.

418. See you later.

419. How's the weather?

420. I have a reservation.

421. This is Mrs. Smith.

422. I'd like to go home.

423. I believe you.

424. Which one do you want?

425. Who is that?

426. Over there.

427. Please don't sit here.

428. How long have you worked here?

429. How's work going?

430. What did you do last night?

431. Can you hold this for me?

432. Have you done this before?

433. Where are you going to go?

434. Is your father home?

435. A few people continued the program.

436. Sorry, we only accept cash.

437. What's your favorite food?

438. This promotes peace and deters war.

439. I'd like to go shopping.

440. Hurry!

441. Such a case is hard to find.

442. She's going with me tomorrow.

443. Is it far from here?

444. What's the matter?

445. Is everything okay?

446. The book is next to the table.

447. Are you writing a letter?

448. 6 dollars per hour.

449. Excuse me.

450. It's going to be hot today.

451. Near the bank.

452. Amy is John's girlfriend.

453. I'm 6'2".

454. My daughter is here.

455. What's your address?

456. Can you carry this for me?

457. Are you sick?

458. John is going on vacation tomorrow.

459. How much is it?

460. I need another key.

461. How much are these earrings?

462. What do people usually do in the summer in Monte Carlo?

463. She suffered from this disease for a long time.

464. How long have you been here?

465. When does it arrive?

466. She lay wide awake.

467. What's wrong?

468. How is she?

469. Don't do that.

470. I trust you.

471. Tell me.

472. That's very kind of you.

473. The staff will answer your questions.

474. I'm married.

475. Sorry, we don't accept credit cards.

476. How much is this?

477. I don't have time right now.

478. What size?

479. What do they study?

480. It's delicious!

481. The accident happened at the intersection.

482. I'm thirsty.

483. This position requires special skill.

484. One ticket to New York please.

485. I'm not ready yet.

486. I have a lot of things to do.

487. Give me a call.

488. My cell phone doesn't have good reception.

489. It's on 7th street.

490. He's very hard working.

491. Is this your book?

492. I'd like to make a phone call.

493. How long does it take by car?

494. Do you have any children?

495. It's going to snow today.

496. I think it's very good.

497. I have some souvenirs from Barcelona.

498. Will you put this in the car for me?

499. There is a mouse on the carpet.

500. Where is she from?

501. Is it hot?

502. Let me check.

503. Do you feel better?

504. The team got many foreign players.

505. I can swim.

506. What kind of music do you like?

507. It's still early.

508. When is the next bus to Philadelphia?

509. Please wait for me.

510. How many children do you have?

511. Where did you work before you worked here?

512. This research has no result.

513. Do you have any electric appliances?

514. Should I wait?

515. This artist got a new personal project.

516. He works at a computer company in New York.

517. They charge 26 dollars per day.

518. I'm getting ready to go out.

519. He refused to shake hands with me.

520. What color is that car?

521. I feel good.

522. I have money.

523. I'm full.

524. That's it.

525. You're smarter than him.

526. Have you arrived?

527. What's in it?

528. Please speak more slowly.

529. What's the charge per night? (Hotel)

530. It will arrive shortly.

531. When does the plane arrive?

532. Do you have a pencil?

533. A positive value means net gain.

534. Good evening sir.

535. I've been here for two days.

536. She dropped dead of a heart attack.

537. Where do you live?

538. I'd like to send this to America.

539. It's a quarter to 7.

540. Do you have enough money?

541. Call me.

542. What is that?

543. Tell him that I need to talk to him.

544. I'll take it.

545. Cheers!

546. Someone is coming.

547. Can you show me?

548. You're very nice.

549. What did you think?

550. Please count this for me.

551. What do you think?

552. Do you have an appointment?

553. Where is he from?

554. Are you here alone?

555. Why are you laughing?

556. Just a moment.

557. The whole day.

558. Can it be cheaper?

559. Which city is the capital of Germany?

560. History doesn't interest me.

561. They haven't met her yet.

562. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

563. How much would you like?

564. Are you allergic to anything?

565. He always does that for me.

566. Be careful driving.

567. I'm sorry.

568. How are you paying?

569. It's very important.

570. Take it outside.

571. This report talks about economy.

572. I'm happy.

573. It rained very hard today.

574. It's 8:45.

575. Now or later?

576. Is John there please? (phone call)

577. He's faster than me.

578. I'll call you on Friday.

579. That looks great.

580. That way.

581. What time does it start?

582. What day of the week is it?

583. I've seen it.

584. I'm a civil servant.

585. Can I try it on?

586. Would you like to buy this?

587. Where's the mail box?

588. The woman has black eyes.

589. Stop!

590. Do you study English?

591. They're planning to come next year.

592. Don't worry.

593. I want to give you a gift.

594. The professor designed a new machine.

595. What are you going to do tonight?

596. What do you do for work?

597. Are you married?

598. What's the phone number?

599. I'm very busy. I don't have time now.

600. I'm cleaning my room.

601. I'm sorry, I don't have time.

602. Do you need anything else?

603. I made this cake.

604. Sorry, I didn't hear clearly.

605. I bought a shirt yesterday.

606. I'll call you when I leave.

607. Which one?

608. Sorry, I don't have a pencil.

609. What time are you going to the bus station?

610. I don't want that.

611. I have pain in my arm.

612. I'd like to eat at 5th street restaurant.

613. How much does this cost?

614. How many?

615. See you tomorrow.

616. It's August 25.

617. What time did you go to sleep?

618. Certainly!

619. When is your birthday?

620. Right here.

621. Would you like a glass of water?

622. Would you take a message please?

623. Have you been waiting long?

624. I only have 5 dollars.

625. That's a good school.

626. How are your parents?

627. I don't understand what your saying.

628. Do you have another one?

629. I still have a lot to do.

630. He's right.

631. My luggage is missing.

632. He needs some new clothes.

633. Where did it happen?

634. I'd like to call the United States.

635. How tall are you?

636. When do you get off work?

637. His son.

638. When does he arrive?

639. I don't speak very well.

640. It's very cold today.

641. Here you are.

642. What are you two talking about?

643. Is this pen yours?

644. I need to go now.

645. There's plenty of time.

646. If you like it I can buy more.

647. As soon as possible.

648. I slept all day.

649. I'd like to buy a bottle of water, please.

650. Have you eaten yet?

651. That's right.

652. Will you take me home?

653. Is it close?

654. I was born on 25 March 1995.

655. Is this the bus to New York?

656. Let me think about it.

657. Are you okay?

658. I still have to brush my teeth and take a shower.

659. This is the first time I've been here.

660. A one way ticket.

661. I thought the clothes were cheaper.

662. Is there a doctor who speaks English?

663. Do you believe that?

664. How much altogether?

665. Who are you looking for?

666. It's over there.

667. Do you want to go with me?

668. Chicago is very different from Boston.

669. I can't remember.

670. The TV is broken.

671. I'll talk to you soon.

672. Did you take your medicine?

673. From time to time I pray.

674. I don't have enough money.

675. I went to the supermarket, and then to the computer store.

676. There's no difference between these products.

677. Let's practice English.

678. Are you busy?

679. When do you arrive in the U.S.?

680. I'm from America.

681. Place it over here.

682. That car over there is mine.

683. Is it cold outside?

684. How long have you been in America?

685. It was a long time ago.

686. Would you like to go for a walk?

687. You speak English very well.

688. That's enough.

689. We expect nothing from the government.

690. What do you study?

691. Your house is very nice

692. Take a chance.

693. I'd like a room with two beds please.

694. What does your father do for work?

695. Can I borrow some money?

696. He never gives me anything.

697. Please take me to the airport.

698. Thanks for your help.

699. Those men are speaking English.

700. Be careful.

701. I think it tastes good.

702. I think you have too many clothes.

703. Do you sell medicine? (store)

704. How long are you going to stay?

705. What time are they arriving?

706. Do you know where my glasses are?

707. Does anyone here speak English?

708. What is today's date?

709. Do you know how to cook?

710. Pick up your clothes.

711. They're the same.

712. Where is it?

713. October 22nd.

714. When are you leaving?

715. This is very important.

716. Can we have a menu please.

717. Do you want to go to the movies?

718. Let's go.

719. How do you pronounce that?

720. It's true only according to conspiracy theory.

721. Would you like to have dinner with me?

722. He's an Engineer.

723. Call the police.

724. He's a very good student.

725. Can I help you?

726. You look like my sister.

727. I have two sisters.

728. I'll come back later.

729. A round trip ticket.

730. Are you working Tomorrow?

731. What happened?

732. My son studies computers.

733. I'm a little hungry.

734. How long is it?

735. Nobody is helping us.

736. Which is better, the spaghetti or chicken salad?

737. Is Mr. Smith an American?

738. Nobody is there right now.

739. Do you know where she is?

740. Where is an ATM?

741. I don't have a girlfriend.

742. Have you eaten at that restaurant?

743. How do you spell the word "Seattle?"

744. I'd like to buy a phone card please.

745. I'm sick.

746. I understand.

747. I don't feel well.

748. Where can I buy tickets?

749. My camera is made in Japan.

750. Where's the closest restaurant?

751. Is it raining?

752. That's too expensive.

753. Try it on.

754. I'll tell him you called.

755. Do you think it'll rain today?

756. I'll call back later.

757. Who are they?

758. Where can I mail this?

759. What is the area code?

760. Several employees took action.

761. When was the last time you talked to your mother?

762. How far is it from Paris?

763. It's far from here.

764. My name is John Smith.

765. I'll have a cup of tea please.

766. Where can I exchange U.S. Dollars?

767. Where is the airport?

768. Bring me my shirt please.

769. I have a cold.

770. I've heard Texas is a beautiful place.

771. Open the door.

772. That car is similar to my car.

773. Are you free tonight?

774. What's your name?

775. It's is a quarter past nine.

776. She's pretty.

777. Where were you?

778. Do you have any vacancies?

779. Do you have a girlfriend?

780. I forget.

781. Everyone knows it.

782. Would you like water or milk?

783. When does the bank open?

784. He has a nice car.

785. What time did you get up?

786. Do you have a problem?

787. I haven't had lunch yet.

788. I've worked there for five years.

789. Do you know where there's a store that sells towels?

790. When did you arrive in Boston?

791. I haven't been there.

792. Are you afraid?

793. Our children are in America.

794. Do you have a swimming pool?

795. What is it?

796. Please come in.

797. How do you say it in English?

798. Are you going to attend their wedding?

799. Where can I find a hospital?

800. It's too late.

801. Happy Birthday.

802. It's not very expensive.

803. I'm not afraid.

804. How far is it?

805. Do you understand?

806. Where would you like to meet?

807. Which road should I take?

808. Try to say it.

809. The rabbit figure is made of clay.

810. I'm very well, thank you.

811. Are you ready?

812. I need to practice my English.

813. I want to show you something.

814. I'd like to make a reservation.

815. He likes juice but he doesn't like milk

816. From here to there.

817. I live in California.

818. This is my mother.

819. Were you at the library last night?

820. Is there any mail for me?

821. What time is it?

822. How do I get there?

823. It's 6am.

824. My grandmother passed away last year.

825. Is this a safe area?

826. Can you speak louder please?

827. Who would you like to speak to?

828. I have to wash my clothes.

829. I'd like a room.

830. He's not in right now.

831. I have one in my car.

832. Who's that man over there?

833. When I went to the store, they didn't have any apples.

834. I want to contact our embassy.

835. I haven't finished eating.

836. Did you send me flowers?

837. We can eat Italian or Chinese food.

838. It takes 2 hours by car.

839. What's your religion?

840. Were there any problems?

841. His room is very small.

842. Good morning.

843. Turn left.

844. What does this say?

845. Can you call back later?

846. What's the exchange rate?

847. What's this?

848. What does this word mean?

849. I'm just kidding.

850. I'll pay for dinner.

851. I'd like some water too, please.

852. When does the bus leave?

853. How about Saturday?

854. That's fine.

855. Thank you miss.

856. On the left.

857. Are you American?

858. Where do you work?

859. Do you know how much it costs?

860. I'm not married.

861. When are you coming back?

862. Where did you put it?

863. I'd like to go for a walk.

864. What's your job?

865. Do you sell batteries?

866. That's too bad.

867. I don't mind.

868. They arrived yesterday.

869. I'm okay.

870. That guy killed a dog.

871. That's a huge decision.

872. Is the bank far?

873. Would you like some wine?

874. Your children are very well behaved.

875. I made a mistake.

876. I think I need to see a doctor.

877. Thanks for everything.

878. Has your brother been to California?

879. I spend a lot of money on heal insurances.

880. Where can I rent a car?

881. It's suppose to rain tomorrow.

882. She might apply for this position.

883. Does it often snow in the winter in Massachusetts?

884. When do we arrive?

885. One way or round trip?

886. Do you think it's going to rain tomorrow?

887. Excellent.

888. Here is your salad.

889. Will you remind me?

890. What does he do for work?

891. What do you recommend?

892. Where did you learn it?

893. Across from the post office.

894. I don't know how to use it.

895. This is the largest supermarket in this town.

896. My car isn't working.

897. For how many nights?

898. I agree.

899. Please fill out this form.

900. Do you play any sports?

901. I got in an accident.

902. It's 17 dollars.

903. She's an expert.

904. You're right.

905. Next time.

906. What do you want to buy?

907. Thank you very much.

908. Is there a store near here?

909. Please tell her John called.

910. Would you like to rent a movie?

911. I give up.

912. Come here.

913. Who taught you that?

914. Can I have a glass of water please?

915. How many hours a week do you work?

916. Nice to meet you.

917. I'm going to America next year.

918. More than 200 miles.

919. Is there a movie theater nearby?

920. What's your favorite movie?

921. Are you hungry?

922. Sorry, we don't have any vacancies.

923. Here it is.

924. Open the window.

925. I've been there.

926. Please tell me.

927. I understand now.

928. What are you doing?

929. Can I bring my friend?

930. I'm a bit tired.

931. I'd like a non-smoking room.

932. What time do you go to work everyday?

933. Is this Mr. Smith?

934. May I speak to Mrs. Smith please?

935. In 30 minutes.

936. I like Italian food.

937. Let's meet in front of the hotel.

938. She wants to know when you're coming.

939. There is no military service anymore.

940. He said you like to watch movies.

941. I need a doctor.

942. Can I take a message?

943. It's 11:30pm.

944. I don't care.

945. I'm sorry, we're sold out.

946. I'd like to buy something.

947. Why not?

948. What day are they coming over?

949. Where did you go?

950. I'm coming right now.

951. I'm a teacher.

952. Would you like something to drink?

953. Can you please say that again?

954. How often do you go to England?

955. Expiration date.

956. Are you comfortable?

957. He's coming soon.

958. I don't want it.

959. I'm fine, and you?

960. Is it ready?

961. Are they coming this evening?

962. Turn around.

963. This is very difficult.

964. Do you need anything?

965. Can we have some more bread please?

966. She's older than me.

967. Have they met her yet?

968. Sorry, I think I have the wrong number.

969. I'd like to go to the store.

970. No, thank you.

971. I'm allergic to seafood.

972. I was in the library.

973. They're very busy.

974. I still have a lot of things to buy.

975. I want to buy something.

976. That's not right.

977. Would you like something to eat?

978. Is your son here?

979. Are you sure?

980. No, this is the first time.

981. Do you know what this says?

982. What are your hobbies? Music, sport, reading etc.

983. Where does it hurt?

984. What does this mean?

985. How are you? I'm good.

986. How was the movie?

987. Did it snow yesterday?

988. I've already seen it.

989. My house is close to the bank.

990. Do you think it's possible?

991. The sheep is chased by the wolf.

992. That's an irony.

993. It makes no sense.

994. Nothing else.

995. Most of the oil is in the Middle East.

996. I think those shoes are very good looking.

997. How much will it cost?

998. How long does it take to go to Miami?

999. We'll have two glasses of water please.

1000. Is that enough?

1001. Do you have any coffee?

1002. Try it.

1003. Do you play basketball?

1004. I can't hear you clearly.

1005. I'm coming to pick you up.

1006. How long have you lived here?

1007. I don't like him.

1008. Would you ask him to call me back please?

1009. Do you know what this means?

1010. Good Luck.

1011. Is it suppose to rain tomorrow?

1012. Be quiet.

1013. Do you have anything cheaper?

1014. He's in the kitchen.

1015. Sometimes I go to sleep at 11PM, sometimes at 11:30PM.

1016. I like her.

1017. I'm looking for the post office.

1018. That's not enough.

1019. You have a very nice car.

1020. How many languages do you speak?

1021. How was the trip?

1022. How many people? (restaurant)

1023. I'm going to go have dinner.

1024. Where are the t-shirts?

1025. That's her book.

1026. Do you like to watch TV?

1027. Do you take credit cards?

1028. The cars are American.

1029. Good afternoon.

1030. When did this happen?

1031. I'd like a table near the window.

1032. Are you going to take a plane or train?

1033. That restaurant is not expensive.

1034. That looks old.

1035. Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel?

1036. Take me to the Marriott Hotel.

1037. I'd like a map of the city.

1038. Everyday I get up at 6AM.

1039. I'll take that one also.

1040. Your things are all here.

1041. The books are expensive.

1042. I'm bored.

1043. Is your husband also from Boston?

1044. The roads are slippery.

1045. The book is near the table.

1046. How's business?

1047. Take this medicine.

1048. I came with my family.

1049. Do you go to Florida often?

1050. The food was delicious.

1051. Where's the post office?

1052. What would you like to eat?

1053. I still haven't decided.

1054. Does this road go to New York?

1055. Where is your place of work?

1056. Do you want to come with me?

1057. Would you like coffee or tea?

1058. Why did you do that?

1059. Are you waiting for someone?

1060. What should I wear?

1061. Where is he?

1062. I was going to the library.

1063. What's your last name?

1064. Very good, thanks.

1065. The book is under the table.

1066. What time does the movie start?

1067. Why aren't you going?

1068. What time does the store open?

1069. Someone does that for me.

1070. I'm worried too.

1071. Have you been to Boston?

1072. Which one is the best?

1073. Do you speak English?

1074. Can you help me? Sure.

1075. I don't want to bother you.

1076. I'm not busy.

1077. Would you ask him to come here? Not yet.

1078. How much does it cost per day? About 200 dollars.

1079. Everything is ready.

1080. It's really hot.

1081. I'm a beginner.

1082. Where are you going? To school.

1083. How much do I owe you?

1084. Is it possible?

1085. What school did you go to?

1086. There are many people here.

1087. Outside the hotel.

1088. Please sit down.

1089. How much is that?

1090. I'll teach you.

1091. What's the name of the company you work for?

1092. How many people do you have in your family?

1093. Can I have a receipt please?

1094. How long will it take?

1095. I'd like to speak to Mr. Smith please.

1096. Can you swim?

1097. He said this is a nice place.

1098. I'll have a glass of water please.

1099. When would you like to meet?

1100. Let's share.

1101. Have you seen this movie?

1102. Sorry, we don't have any.

1103. Would you like some water?

1104. Have you ever had Potato soup?

1105. Please call me.

1106. The book is behind the table.

1107. He broke the window.

1108. Do you have this in size 11?

1109. Where would you like to go?

1110. It's not too far.

1111. The patient needs medical support.

1112. You cannot live without water.

1113. It has no economic benefit.

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